English -> Japanese translation interfaces

There used to be an interface to Jim Breen's WWWJDIC server on this page, but it's currently broken. If you really liked it, please tell me and I'll try to make it available again.

If not, I may not fix it, because it was not really useful compared to the following translation interfaces:

Translation buttons

When you use Rikai or WWWJTRANS, you typically need to go to their web site and type the URL of the page you want to translate. That's not very practical when you are browsing a Japanese site and want to translate some of the words on the page. For easier access, you may use buttons on your browser toolbar. To do that, press your mouse left button without releasing it on the hyperlinks below, then drag them and drop them onto the toolbar (tested under Netscape 4.5/Windows, Mozilla 0.9.5/Linux and Internet Explorer 6/Windows). After doing that, you will only need to press the button when you are browsing a Japanese site to see its translation through Rikai or WWWJTRANS.

If dragging and dropping the link does not work, then use your right button on the link to copy the link location, then go and create a new bookmark in your "Personal Toolbar Folder", with that URL.

Jim Breen has created several buttons of that kind for his various interfaces, so you may wish to go to his Personal Toolbar button page.

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