Mixp - A Guile interface to expat

This is the original home for the Guile interface to expat, James Clark's XML parser.

Mixp includes Guile bindings for expat, and utilities to build from an XML document a tree structure easy to use with Scheme.

August 2002: Dmitry Morozhnikov has decided to upgrade and maintain Mixp for the current version of Guile (CVS version of Guile 1.7 at the time of this writing). You may see his project and download the source at http://mixp.sourceforge.net/. Thanks Dmitry!

June 2012: I just found out that Mixp is still alive, thanks to Thien-Thi Nguyen. The new home is apparently http://www.nongnu.org/mixp/. A new version has even been released a few months ago.

Here you will find my (older) version of Mixp, which works at least with Guile 1.4.

The Mixp version is 0.20010812. You can get the targz file (expat is included), read the ChangeLog or the documentation .

Thierry B├ęzecourt
The location of this page is http://www.thbz.org/mixp/.

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